Live Wallpapers - Custom Backgrounds and Themes App Reviews

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Poor effects

Not enough information to make the effect interesting.

Can be better.

Can be better. The app is ok at the best!! I would like to have more wall paper choices than the few we have now.

Good app

Very good app not fake at all but they need more Live Photos they have limited amount of them so I hope theyll add more eventually

Very good

A really cool app with lots of cool back grounds. Would like it if in your next update make the live backgrounds compatible with I pod 5th gen. But other then that a very good app.


There arent that many chocies, and I think this app is over priced, although there are S͟O͟M͟E͟cool backgrounds there needs to be a much larger selection.

NOT Working

This app is not working as promoted, do NOT buy it.

No where near 40

Says 40+ wallpapers there is not! They are ok but not great should be free


Dont not buy it doesnt work

Download wont complete

Having problems downloading the app

Dont work...

This app dont work. When I take save button and go to camera roll wallpaper doesnt move.

Not what I was expecting

Kind of interesting, but ultimately useless for my purpose. Just wanted an animated lock screen. But, this only animates when pressed.


All these images seem a bit on the low res/low tech side. Very disappointed in the aesthetic value (as in, there is none) - for me it was a waste of 1$. Sad.


My first try beyond the stock live wallpapers. Just enjoying the new choices. Worth the download.

Love it

The first true live wallpaper for the s serious! Amazing details and high quality works of art!

Not working for me

I bought because it would be nice to have other live backgrounds but it doesnt work. I get plain static wall papers. Tell what Im doing wrong.

Not Live Wallpaper - Don’t buy this!

It’s just a live photo. That isn’t live wallpaper. It also doesn’t work unless you press you finger on the screen. What a rip off. Live Wallpaper works on it’s own and is continuous. I can do my own Live Photos. Going to get refund now.

Some really cool wallpapers

I think this is the first app of this type as well. Categories and thumbnails would make this great.

It didnt even work I wasted a 1.09$ for a app a waste

Best app ever

Plus 5 more stars

Pretty good app

App is good and comes through on what it says it does only thing Id like more is more wallpapers. But so far its a great start and a must download for an owners of the 6s/6s+

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