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Low resolution pictures

Pictures have low resolution and there are only 44 live backgrounds. Edit:There is no new background since 2 months.Dont donload. Çözünürlük biraz düşük gibi. Net değil. Arşiv çok küçük ve çok güzel bir arkaplan bulamadım. Arşivin genişlemesi şart. Edit: 2 aydır hiç yeni arkaplan eklenmedi.İndirmeyin değmez.


Where's dat refund doe


.99 for 40 wallpapers that are not even updated for the latest gen phones? Terrible. The wallpapers are generic at best, and on the iPhone 7 plus they are cropped and zoomed in. So when you press the screen to see the action, it's all blurry! Scam app don't download.


My first try beyond the stock live wallpapers. Just enjoying the new choices. Worth the download.


How do I make it move?


All these images seem a bit on the low res/low tech side. Very disappointed in the aesthetic value (as in, there is none) - for me it was a waste of 1$. Sad.

Not what I was expecting

Kind of interesting, but ultimately useless for my purpose. Just wanted an animated lock screen. But, this only animates when pressed.

No menu- no nothing

There's less than 50 wallpapers, they aren't categorized.. This app should be free!!!! Until more wallpapers come out

No Update

I will not recommend this application. There is no update it still has the same 40 wallpapers. Much better free options available.

Very Good App

The app's as advertised, and the quality of the photos is good. Seems to be more optimized for the 4.7" iPhone than the 5.5" Plus. Since I've paid for this app, I'd appreciate updates and added wallpapers.

Don't work

I thought the wallpapper would move when you save it to your phone it's a still pitcher ..... Mad 😡 don't buy it

Low quality live wallpapers

The included live wallpapers are low quality and un-impressive. Luckily I only wasted $0.99.

Nothing to choose from!

To pay .99¢ for this there is nothing to choose from and nothing else is ever added.

Two Words- Rip Off!

After ready two separate articles, and from sources I generally trust on such issues, I have to say I'm not only disappointed, I wish there was someway I could get the articles linking to the app removed from the web. Don't waste your time or money.


Cool for 6s users

No updates for weeks/don't buy

App has a handful of wallpapers. No updates for the last couple weeks. Cheap money grab. Save your dollar. The built-in Apple wallpapers are better.



New "Live" Wallpaper

You can't have the Apple Watch without this wallpaper. Electric bolts, Money, Mixed color, the beautiful high-Def Shots. These will really blow you away. Great papers, keep up the great work.

Do not buy this

All it does is save and what you go to you your wall paper in your photos it does not move waste of 99 cents

Ok For Now

This is an ok app for $.99, but personally I would prefer more real-life Live Photos as opposed to the mostly geometric ones offered. Please consider adding more "real" pics in the future!!


Very nice app. Must for iphone6s

Real moving backgrounds!

A lot of apps claim to make live backgrounds, but this app actually does it! Good work really pretty animations

It is not a live wallpaper on iPhone 6S!

Does not work on iPhone 6S, it is not live!!

Wish I can get my money back!

It doesn't move once you download it.

Nice app!

Love the live wallpapers. Only wish is they would add some more with there not being very many to chose from.

Good, now what?

K, dig the app, worth the buck, especially since no other app actually works. But I'm ready for some new images. Let's see an update!

Just for the butt heads

Only works with for that have 3d touch not 5 or 5s and such other wise this is awesome!

This app

This app is a really good app. It's totally wroth the money. Just be mindful cause this app is for iPhones.


After loading it onto my iPhone 6, images just sat there. No fun so I deleted it.





Low res

Trash. Wasted a dollar for low res live photos that don't work correctly.


Doesn't even work.


Very low resolution picture

Waist of money

I bought the app the pics dont move nothing its just a still picture waist of time and money. refund now!


Exelent !! ....... I like this......

Don't buy

DO NOT BUY!!!!!! It doesn't work

Perfect for live backgrounds

Don't understand why some people are complaining. This is supposed to be used with the 3-D TOUCH!! Amazing app with awesome backgrounds. Would love if more backgrounds were added and if the out of focus when you use the 3-d touch was fixed. Overall great app.

It's almost there!

I like the fact that this is an actual LIVE wallpaper. The only reason why I did not give a 5 star is because it doesn't have very many active wallpapers.


Does what it says. Worth the price. Quality wallpapers.


Apple made it only for 6s and I bought the app and I have a 6 so i wasted 0.99


Exactly as described. Great collection of live wallpapers but definitely needs a larger selection. Good start but needs more.

Pretty decent

I will make this review as best as possible! I bought this app but was sketchy about it from the beginning, but no it is what it is advertised to do! It is nothing but live wallpapers for the iPhone 6s & 6s + to be used with 3D Touch! It works really good the app was very well responsive! There are only 40 wallpapers to choose from and this is where I have my pickiness come in There are only 40 pictures to choose from and the pictures that are offered are really good decent quality but nothing compared to the original Apple iPhone quality When I would try setting it as my wallpaper in the photos app , the photos app would crash and I have an iPhone 6s+ but with a try or two more it would work If the quality of these 3D Touch pictures were to be more clear I would give it a perfect 5/5 but for now I'll give it a 4! Good app

Great start

I love this app. Can't wait to see more live images in future releases. To those complaining about it only moving on touch or it starts out of focus, try ANY live photo. It's the way it works.


This app is very misleading - don't buy!

dont buy this unless you have a 6s

this doesnt work with the iphone 6 only the 6s

Not live and not worth it

It's not live. And it doesn't work with the 3D Touch on the home screen. Waste of time and money.

Great! But...

I love this app it really works with 3D Touch. I have a iPhone 6s Plus and the still live photo is fine but when I 3D Touch the screen the animation is a bit out of focus. Please fix it!! Other than that the app really does give you the option to set the images as a live (3D touch) wallpaper.


Love the fire one. Really cool. Soon as I saw this I downloaded it right away. Can't wait to see more! Awesome job!!!!

Plze make update for iPhone 5s

I was really looking forward to seeing my live wallpapers on my screen but it didn't work because I was to exited I didn't read the reviews or the caption

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